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Pool repair

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Time goes on and on, when everyone perceived the summer cottage as a second job. People worked on the land, and in the fall they harvested. Now the gardens have turned into a countryside recreation area, where everyone goes to distract from the bustle of the city. And to relax you need a pool. The question arises: which pool to give?


In this article, we will analyze several options. We will tell about their features and supplement all with useful recommendations.

Site Requirements

The plot must meet some requirements

Yes, before summer residents think about their requirements for the pool, you need to evaluate if there is any possibility of installing an artificial reservoir. After all, if it is absent, then you won’t have to break your head over other issues. If you are interested in pool repair, contact the professionals they repair pools well. они хорошо ремонтируют бассейны

So, what conditions should be present on the site?

Water access. To fill the entire volume of the bowl you will need a lot of water, if you periodically have problems with it, you should think about whether it is possible to collect a large volume at all;
Electricity. Various pool equipment needs electricity. Without it, the water will quickly become cloudy, then a complete drain will be required;
Groundwater should not be high. If you install a fixed capital pool, then the water should not be higher than 1.5-2 meters from the surface of the earth;
Your presence. Yes, if you live in a country house, then caring for the pool will not cause any difficulties. And for residents of the city who come to the country 1-2 times a week, it is better to refuse such an acquisition.
We dealt with the basic requirements. If your cottage does not fit on any point, do not be upset. Below we will talk about the option, which is an exception to all these rules!

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Choose a pool

The choice of a pool for a summer residence should be taken extremely seriously. The cost of installation or construction, the life and purpose of the structure will depend on your decision. With the wrong choice, you simply throw money away, and to prevent this from happening, we will analyze the popular types and their differences.

Inflatable models

Inflatable tank

These are the same tanks about which they break all the rules. They do not require either electricity, low groundwater, or your presence. But there are also disadvantages, because of which many summer residents refuse inflatable options.

Let’s first note the positive aspects:

Lowest price among all other options;
Do not require electricity. Often, inflatable pools generally do not use equipment for filtering and heating water;
It is installed on the ground without deepening, so groundwater will not disturb it in any way;
Your constant presence in the country is not necessary. Arrived — pumped up air, filled with water, and when you leave, drain the water and clean the pool;
Mobile. You can assemble, transfer it and pump up the structure in the right place at any time.
And now we note the negative qualities of inflatable models:

Small volume. Inflatable bowls are not able to withstand huge loads, so the volume is very limited. An adult in such a swim is not comfortable;
Often they are made of a PVC film. They can easily be torn from any sharp object, for example, a stone or claws of a dog;
Since there is no filtration and heating, the water will quickly become contaminated. Therefore, you often have to drain the entire volume of fluid and fill in a new one.
Decide for yourself, based on your own conditions, whether you need an inflatable pool for a summer residence.

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When installing the pool, do not forget to put a dense fabric under it. It is included, and if it is not, then you can use, for example, material for advertising banners.

If you intend to purchase an adult swimming pool, then an inflatable is definitely not your option. It is more suitable for families with small children, which are just such a volume. And we begin to analyze other options.

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